Havyka Family

The word Havyaka was transcended from words Havyaga or Haveega which means the one who performs Havana (Havya) and Homa (Gavya), since the very purpose of Havyaka Brahmins was to perform the royal rituals sand the related functions of the empirical government. In ancient times the region of today's Uttara Kannada between Konkan in the north & Tuluva in the south was known by the name of Haiva. This could be the possible source of the term 'Haiga' as Havyakas are also referred to. In fact, the name "Haiga" persists in Havyaka laxicon. All of them are from Malanad and Costal tract of Karnataka and Kerala Read more

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Havyak Sansthe- Hubli-Dharwad: Population of Havyaks is highly cultured and known for hospitality. However over the change of time many Havyaks have chosen employment in different places other than their native. Increasing population, number of educated youths, reduction in agriculture production led to migration of youths to cities. They went outside their native place seeking different employment or profession. While some took to employment in various places, some went in for private business, contracts and consultancy apart from other type of work. However, Havyaks did not shun their originality even in alien places and maintained the rich tradition and heritage Read more


The Sansthe has consistent growth and never looked back.

Late Sri S.K.Avadhani      Late Sri S.K.Avadhani Founder Preident
Sri B.D. Hegde     Sri B.D. Hegde Advocate Founder                              Vice President &later President.
     Sri. G.M. Hegde Lecturer, Kittel College,          Founder Secretary.
     Sri U.S.Hegde Professor & Astrologer.
     Sri S.N.Hegde lecturer JSS College Treasurer.
     Late Sri S.V.Hegde Journalist.
     Sri M.K.Hegde.
     Sri G.S. Venkatesh Rao.
     Sri C.B.L.Hegde.
     Sri S.V.Hegde Adarsha Adike stores.
     Sri R.K.Hegde.
     Sri G.V.Hegde C.A.
     Sri V.M.Bhat.
     Sri G.S.Hegde Hesrgodu.
     Sri S.R.Hegde Advocate.
     Sri H.S.Chandrashekhar.
     Sri S.N.Hegde National Insurance.
     Sri Gopalkrishna Hegde.
     Sri N.M.Hegde.
     Sri G.R.Hegde. Rtrd. Chief Engineer
      Late Sri J.R.Hegde.

generously contributed their mite for promoting this institution, of course with the help of all members of Havyak community residing in this twin city.Read more